Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Status Update: April

So ... we have the completed application for the Drum Circle back from DPR (parks and recreation)  along with the costs of the specific equipment necessary to make this happen, (stage, generator, sound system, etc) the cost will hopefully be born by our councilman with whom we are partnering on this event.  We really can't move forward much more until we have a confirmed date from the city.  Meanwhile we continue to meet every Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 pm here in Brookland to keep the communications links open and update the planning process.  So far we have:  me as slave driver, Martinez Bengly (Il Gato, The Messenger) as program, Carl Bruce - Logistics and planning, and Roxanne Carter as overall event manager and sponsor relations.  There is, of course, Linda Yahr, CPA as chief pocketbook watcher.  Rosie Dempsey, communications expert just provided us with a promotional plan outline and we are in process of adopting that to our overall program.

I plan to publish all documents relevent to this event here and on Facebook and Linkedin as well.  That should begin to happen as soon as we have confirmation of our date:  Saturday, June, 12, 2010.  We are also about ready to reach out to REMO drums once again for short term sponsorship.  I am working on the package for them along with a proposal. ...

In regards to the global drum circle and fund raising event, we are planning on waiting until after the completion of the Regional Microcredit Summit in Kenya next week before engaging in that discussion.  We WILL be in attendance in Spain next year however and will begin that process shortly after completion of our trial event in June. ... watch this space.