Thursday, May 13, 2010


We were recently contacted by The Millennium Goals Foundation, a UN affiliated non profit dedicated to supporting the UN Goals of eradicating poverty by 2015.  It seems that the developed countries (US Included) have NOT put up the funds they promised at the original summit conference.  The Foundation wants to remind these countries of their pledges and to move them to honor their obligations.  That is where the Drum Circle comes in.  They reached out to us because of our original effort to link drum circles in Nairobi and Washington, DC.  We are visiting them in NYC at the UN today, Thursday, May 13th.

Our conceptual plan for the UN involves linked drum circles in all the recalcitrant countries at their national capitals.  We wold simulcast on both internet and global video from a central locations with a celebrity host (Bono, George Cluny, etc)  This will gain us global coverage by all media.  We should start with Drum Out Poverty Day in DC and build from there.

Watch this space to see how our thoughts are accepted, of ... not!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Update: Brookland Drum Circle - Drum Out Poverty Day

Progress against milestones -   We have produced a site plan.  Most likely have one more site walk through before we finalize the plan.  We also have the approved application from Parks and Recreation for the site and time slots requested.  We have confirmation from Councilman Thomas's office (Neil Rodgers) that he is aware of the event but the Parks and Rec folks cannot find the application (it is DC don't forget)  I emailed him a PDF  of the completed and approved application immediately.  We still need confirmation and assurance from the Councilman that he will contribute fees and equipment as promised.

Sponsorship:  We have completed our "package" and have distributed it to a number of local businesses.  We are quite optimistic as to potential outcome.  In addition, we are talking to Councilman Jim Graham and plan to reach Kwami Brown as well.  Councilman Gray's office will also be contacted so as to create a sense of community momentum.

Program:  We intend to have a professional community drum circle facilitator from REMO.  We heard from the Drum Circle Facilitator and will see if we can secure him and his drums for the event.  REMO is supporting us there, but I'm not sure of a financial commitment.  I need to secure that commitment.  There will be two Pavilions: The Children's Pavilion and The Djiembe Pavilion with appropriate demonstrations and timed events.  The principal event will be a facilitated community drum circle.

Promotion:  Lack of funds and time has limited our promotion and outreach.  We have been limited to personal contact and even more limited print promotion.  This week we plan to print 2,500 postcards, produce several PSA's (public service announcements), and work with Dance Place along with the political structure ... councilmen and the ANC's.