Friday, June 3, 2011

Changing Name: to Drum Out Poverty

Can We Make Drumming a Source for Self Funding Social Change?

For some time now, I''be been trying to monetize the value of drumming so that it can become a motive force for social and economic justice.  I think we may have come upon a strategic solution.  Our intention here is to begin to move from a purely philanthropic funding model to a commercial fee for services approach.  Presently I am in the process if finalizing my research on the therapeutic and social benefits of transformative drumming as both a means to heal the mind and a way to promote social cohesion in small to large groups.

I plan to join forces with my friends in the drumming community.  First, with Jeff Wolf, a teacher, drummer, facilitator, scientist and committed social activist.  We will call the collaboration: " Stillwater Drums,"   You will see and hear more of this collaborative effort here and on our website as time moves on.  Our first effort will be to work with the Veteran's Administration to support Vets with PTSD AND TBI as drumming is calming.  It creates alpha wave states in the brain and participants are less hostile, excited and they usually sleep better at night.

Watch the blog as I will be posting regularly over the next few weeks.  I will share copy for the papers and brochures we are to produce and our success and failures as we move forward.  Anyone wanting to participate should contact me directly at:   ... or, call my cell at 410.227.0498