Monday, July 19, 2010

Flash Drum Jam

Ever since viewing the youtube Brussels Train Station dance event, I have been thinking about how that would be applied to a drum circle.  Finally, I have an idea that I want to share with you guys.  It's called the Flash Drum Jam!  Here's the gist of it:

The Flash Drum Jam is an exciting and inclusive means to draw attention to any business and/or cause.  Drumming is infectious.  The beat draws people to its source.  If you watch the crowd gather, soon you will see people swaying to the beat here and there dancing will break out.  Everyone loves rhythm.  But, it is much more than that.

Although it is certainly drumming and rhythm, The Drum Jam creates a community of people.  It does this through the inclusive nature of the event.  Each Drum Jam has a professional facilitator who engages the audience and cajoles many of them into joining in the actual drumming.  Rhythm is part of all of us and even the meanest of the tone deaf can be easily taught to be a productive member of a Drum Jam.  This engagement quickly changes an inquisitive crowd into a participative audience that is rapidly creating its own entertainment.

The event breaks down socio economic and cultural barriers, even language barriers.  It links all present into a community.  They participate in a shared a transformative experience and that creates a MARKET!

It's a "flash" event because it just springs into existance in the middle of any place you can imagine.  A shopping center, a mall, anyplace people gather.  I'm going to try one here in DC.  We have applied for and been provisionally approved for a permit to run one in LaFayette Park ... right next to the White House here in Washington, DC!  We will do this in association with Food and Water Watch, an aggressive environmentally engaged non profit and The Milennium Goals Foundation in support of food security.  This should make national press, that is, if we do it right!