Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drumming Up - Community Economic Development

A New Drumming Event IS Coming!

We are working on a new drum event!  Our plan is to run it sometime in late May, or early June of next year, the fateful 2012 (can't do it in March, my birthday is the 2nd)  We need to start planning now to get the most impact and attention.  We are also concerned that we don't conflict with existing community events planned around that time.  It will be on a Saturday so we can get families there.  We're looking for volunteers to help us plan and execute the event ... it will be named "Drum Out Poverty." ... and we'll use it to focus on the need for community based jobs that bring income, commerce, and hope to those who are without work or even hope for gainful employment.

Our parent non profit has a program called The Family Fish Farm Network and the intention is to build a network of aquaponic urban micro farms around the inside of the beltway and in particular in the most effected wards of DC.  These are wards 5, 7 and 8.  You can find out about The Network by going to our Blog at:

I'll be checking this blog on a regular basis and will be updating it as plans become firmer and our team begins to come together.