Thursday, May 13, 2010


We were recently contacted by The Millennium Goals Foundation, a UN affiliated non profit dedicated to supporting the UN Goals of eradicating poverty by 2015.  It seems that the developed countries (US Included) have NOT put up the funds they promised at the original summit conference.  The Foundation wants to remind these countries of their pledges and to move them to honor their obligations.  That is where the Drum Circle comes in.  They reached out to us because of our original effort to link drum circles in Nairobi and Washington, DC.  We are visiting them in NYC at the UN today, Thursday, May 13th.

Our conceptual plan for the UN involves linked drum circles in all the recalcitrant countries at their national capitals.  We wold simulcast on both internet and global video from a central locations with a celebrity host (Bono, George Cluny, etc)  This will gain us global coverage by all media.  We should start with Drum Out Poverty Day in DC and build from there.

Watch this space to see how our thoughts are accepted, of ... not!

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