Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drum Out Poverty Day, Saturday, June, 12, 2010

Drum Out Poverty Day is Coming!

 This is the last week before the Drum Out Poverty event here in Washington, DC.  We've done all we can to promote it and I think we're as ready as anyone can be to make this happen.  The only thing we may be short is event day volunteers.  It has been a learning experience for me and the rest of us.  I've done events before but never with such few resources ... funds have been very limited for this kind of a public event.  We have a number of sponsors, but only TD Bank and Giant Foods have actually contributed cash ... the other sponsors are "in-kind," for example Comcast gave us a 4 minute interview on their "local Newsmakers" edition but we have no idea how many people actually see it.  Dominoes Pizza is providing some pazza's and soda and Col Brooks Restaraunt is giving as a few dinners to auction off, but cash needed to promote and provide payment for talent has been virtually non existent.

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