Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire!

For the last few months we have been wrestling with this event.  Talking to friends and bouncing the idea around in brainstorming sessions, arguing about names, funding strategies, staffing and organization schemes.   We have filled in many of the blanks but am we really ready to launch this ... officially?  we now (finally) have an approved press release.  we have a director/producer,  a financial manager, we have a funding strategy of sorts, but no fund raiser, or development officer.  Most importantly at this point, we have no money.  The state of the economy is worrisome and in a preliminary discussion with my targeted prime sponsor candidate, I have project enthusiasm, but little sense of economic depth!  (encouraging, but not inspiring)

We really are not in such bad shape actually.  We have a decent logo designed by a reputable artist, the support of long-term friends who give of their time and creativity.   A complete professional website and a committed competent PR and Social Media company willing to work speculatively.  We have alliance partners with excellent reputations and credentials who have linked formally with us.  The Global Micro Credit Summit Campaign of Sam Daley Harris and his Results Inc. are behind the Promotion as they are the principal focus from a promotional perspective.  

Now it is time to issue the Media/Press Release!  After all this time and anxiety, it is time to pull the trigger.  We are planning a full blown press conference here in Washington, DC.  Our first priority as a site is LaFayette Park.  It is right accross from the White House and we would not consider it normally, except that one of our friends knows the people in charge there.  The plan is to hold a short announcement and also conduct a drum circle there in association with our prime sponsor.  We would invite the Kenyan Ambassador, State Department Officials, World Bank and others to attend (and hope we might pick up some White House staffers on their lunch breaks)  we will then retire to The National Press Club just up the street for a more expansive briefing and reception.  It will be grand if we can pull it off.  We're anticipating that we will secure a sponsor for the event itself and use it to leverage national press coverage.

Will it work?  Can we actually pull this off?  Stay tuned ... we'll soon know the answer to that one anyway.  The Summit Conference is on April 7, 2010 ... 108 days, but ... who's counting? 

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  1. I'm really digging this project and I down for the cause as well.

    I'm looking forwards to being a part of the event and will be passing along the word to the other drummers in the area and abroad.

    Keep up the great work Jerry!