Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Workday of the New Year - Progress NOW!

I am sending an email to our Drum Out list asking all parties to use this blog to stay updated on developments.  It will be much easier and reduce the burden on me ... I will still use emails for urgent or fast response issues however, so, stay tuned!

I spent this week familiarizing myself with Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin ... Flickr is next.  our name on the Facebook and Linkedin sites are simply groups and uses the normal naming convention "Drumming An End To Poverty."  I'm writing to Walls and trying to get other like folks to respond and sign on to the story line and expand the Network.  It's slow going since I don't really know how to navigate and stuff.

I have a video we shot at the last Malcomb X drum circle last month but I'm learning to use iMovie and still have not got the skill to make it all happen.  The same is true of Garage Band.  I'm trying to get a drum track we recorded up on the site as a key to various sections, but I'm still slogging along on that one.

I hooked up with Joy Chang  She has lots of contacts and experience in Africa and drumming cricles there. I am asking for help from anyone I can identify as being in the drum circle arena.  We should all connect on this one.  I also linked up with Wayne Briggs from Atlanta, a show business and music industry executive.  He is in LA and will begin to engage his network as will.

This will be a week of engagement for me.  I am now ready to reach out to other drum manufacturers to see if we cannot get a consensus rolling here.  We have been unable to contact most people for the last few weeks because of Christmas.  I expect that to change now

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