Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here is the Strategic Vision

Now that we have launched the fundamental event:  Drumming An End To Poverty in conjunction and partnership with The Global Micro Credit Campaign, we can turn some of our attention to the future because this is far too much work to be a one time effort.  How do we make this and ourselves ... self-sustaining.  Our argument for economic development for the poor uses the old adage, "Give one a fish and you have fed them of r a day, teach them to fish and you have fed them for life."  We should be a shinning example of the that admonition.  We have two market development strategies that address that general issue of organizational sustainability.

First is the extension of the "Event"  Drumming An End To Poverty from the one day launch of the Regional Micro Credit Summit in Kenya, to an annual global event that can mobilize and focus the attention of the international community on this very tractable problem.  Micro Credit and MicroUP can End poverty.  Once and for all!  I am working on a five principles article for Microfinance Focus Magazine and will  post it here also.  This should happen within the next five days (one hopes) ... anyway, here's the plan.

It is our intention to hold a formal "kick-off" press conference within the next 30 days to formally kick off the promotion campaign for the Regional Conference and MicroUP.  At that time we want to also announce the officall launch of:  Global Drum Out Poverty Day.   This will be a day of world wide reflection on the large numbers of beating heats that are forever stilled by poverty.  To quote Jeffrey Sachs in his now famous UN sponsored study on world poverty (and referenced in our MicroVenture Support Position Paper available for download at: www.microventuresuppor.org)  "Every year 8 million perople die simply because they cannot afford to stay alive."  Not to relate the two but I believe it was Stalin who said, "... one death is a tragedy, but a million is only a statistic."

There is an unmistakable metaphorical link between the heart beat and the drum beat.  Eight million die from poverty and we will play drums for 8 hours each year to memorialize these needless deaths, to put a face on that statistic and to bring home the fact that we can reduce or eliminate these needless deaths.  We can beat poverty.  We can "...drum it out."  To do this we will like to existing Drum Circles around the planet.  Drum Circle participants are by definition engaged, socially and spiritually aware people.  This will be a logical step for them.  It will also heighten world awareness of both the problem of poverty and the sound of the drum beat to rally humanity to its cause.  We will also reach out to those who are to follow us in this work.  The university students of today whose historic engagement and sense of social justice has become a cornerstone of the enormous "volunteer," movement.  Drum Out Poverty drum circles will become a fixture at every College and University activities department, music department and, yes, MBA program.

This then will become an Annual event.  Sponsored and supported by the Drumming An End To Poverty partnership.  It will be organized, planned, implemented and strategically directed from this site.  You can be a part of this.  You can make meaning from this.  I know it has real meaning for us.  Contact us and ask how you can be part of the most significant human economic development program in the history of mankind.  I will quote an document written by a famous social thinker, Pope Leo XIII in his Papal Encyclical.Rerem Novarum  (paraphrase)  There can be no social justice without economic justice.

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