Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Money Isn't Everything - Is it?

The work goes on ... the struggle continues , perhaps a bit presumptuous of me to quote Bobby Kennedy on such a relatively mundane matter as a Drum Circle but ...

When you understand that the purpose of this "event," is to raise global awareness and Funds for  a proven solution to world POVERTY!  I think Bobby would have agreed!  At this point we have invested in excess of $50,000 USD in the formation and creation of this exciting and potentially paradigm changing event.  When we pull this off we will have raised $5 Million dollars (from the video and webcasts) and demonstrated to the world that Micro Credit and MicroUP can REALLY END POVERTY.

AND ... the money will not come from large multi national foundations.  It will come in small denominations from people everywhere, just like Obama, we are reaching out to people like us..

 If there ever was a chance to leverage donated dollars, this is it!  As we mentioned in the beginning, we plan to use organizational sponsors for event logistics only and to use a popular direct appeal to both populate the sustainable investment Fund ... The Fund will be called:  GSEI (Global Sustainable Economic Initiative) and it will be used to both lend and invest in micro enterprises and small growing businesses around the world in developing countries ... places where no one wants to invest and in businesses that will never see Forbes magazine.  These are businesses that will create local jobs.  Businesses that will form the basis of a merchant class and a real economy where none exists.   Our intention here  is NOT to redistribute the wealth.  Our objective is to redistribute the OPPORTUNITY!

So, what am I asking for here!  Money?  Sure, if you can donate PLEASE do so, but just as important are your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas for finding socially responsible businesses who see that Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a catch phrase but a burning need to save the soul of capitalism in a time of critical global need.  Do NOT think your ideas trivial.  We need and seek every one of them.  Just respond to this blog under "comments' I  think or email me at: jpeloquuin@microventuresupport.org.

Money is NOT everything, it is, however way ahead of whatever is in second place. (well, today anyway)

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